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We've been gathering comments from parents who use an iWatch system at their child's nursery
. Below is a sample of feedback we've received. If you're a nursery manager/owner considering using our services, we can provide customer telephone references as well.

For security reasons, we haven't published the child's name or the name of their nursery.

"Its great. We love it and gives us peace of mind." - Ruby Patel (Scarborough)
"Extremely useful.... Easy to use... Clear pictures... Reassuring." - Emma Preece (Brimingham)
"The service is great for a busy parent to check that their child is being well looked after. The system is easy to use." - Elizabeth Curtis (Warwick)
"I think this is brilliant. It's really reassuring knowing that once you leave your baby for the first few times that you can log in and see that they are ok without you. :)" - Laura Lee (Birmingham)
"Superb, very useful for keeping an eye on my son in his first few days of nursery." - Paul Ticehurst (Romford)
" Brilliant I love that i can see my litte girls are happy. Because when I drop them off they are so upset." - Chantelle Boulton (North Yorkshire)
"Very useful, nice to be able to log in and check my daughter is ok. Brilliant." - Matt Facer (Northampton)
"Excellent service and extremely reassuring. A big part of the reason we chose this nursery." - Dominic Palmer (London)
"I think it is a great service and very settling for parents of new starters such as myself. I love to see him playing and interacting with the staff and other children and enjoying his time at the nursery." - Lauren Grice (Brentwood)
"I like the service.Certainly it is a good opportunity for parents to watch their children. Happy to watch what my child is doing. Thank you iwatch." - Anon (Essex)
"I love this system i can watch my boys at nursery and be reasured that they're happy and safe i think the nursery staff are fantastic and so is this system i would def recommend to other nurserys so thankyou for this." - Rebecca North (Scarnorough)
"This service is great as i can see how my lil boy has settled he has only just started nursery and is quite quiet and has the odd tear when i go so its great to see later on in the day that he has settled and enjoying himself." - Robyn Cullen (Herne Bay)
"It is absolutely brilliant! It gives me peace of mind so I can focus on my work without worrying about my baby." - Nichole McIntosh (Essex)
"This is a fantastic idea and a great opportunity to see my little boy he seems to have come on leaps and bounds since he has been at nursery." - Ricky Cauldwell (Potters Bar)
"Fantastic service, I love it!" - Kerry Howarth (Lancashire)
"Really great - It saves me calling the nursery to see how my daughter is - thankyou." - Zoe Seymour (Surrey)
"Brilliant, technical support always quick to reply :)" - Melissa Marlowe (Spilsby)
"This is a fantastic service that, as a parent sending their child to nursery for the first time, has given me additional peace of mind. The only warning is that it is highly addictive!" - Gareth Butler (Hainault)
"Fantastic idea! Very reassuring. Also helps with the anxiety of missing your child to be able to take a sneaky peek of them playing happily." - Shereen Shams (London)
"Extremely happy with the cam service, gives me a lot peace of mind knowing what my tots doing. thanks." - Pravin Sridhur (Dagenham)
"This service allows parents to have peace of mind....i think its brilliant!" - Andrea Valton-Pascoal (East Ham)
"I love the way I can watch my little girl when I'm @ work 2 cheer up my day." - Anon (Preston)
"This is a fantastic service especially in the early days when parents and babies are both new to the nursery. This gives parents an opportunity to see that their child is being looked after well and also allows them to see what their little one is up to." - Anuuja Mehra (London)
"Feel really at ease knowing my son settles when I leave him in the mornings." - Chloe Bolton (Birmingham)
"I think iWatch is a brilliant idea, i am always at ease knowing i can see what my daughter is up to and the privacy of it is fab." - Sarah Louise Cave (Chelmsley Wood)
"Great service, really reassuring to see my little boy when I'm not with him." - Laura Hunt (Chertsey)
"Better than I ever expected. To be at work and be able to see my daughter on my iPhone is just incredible." - Philip Copp (Northampton)
"Fantastic - my only quibble is that the webcam times out after only 5 mins, but I apprecaite this is for security reasons." - Julie Andrews (Billericay)
"Really good. With the webcams in place I do not have to miss out on all his milestones." - Natalie Hinchliffe (Chertsey)
"It's great. It's lovely to see what our little monkey gets up to during the day!!! :o)" - Tim Keay (Northampton)
"I have appreciated being able to log in at random and see what my little one is doing and what goes on during a typical nursery day - I have found it reassuring and feel it is also a supportive tool for those who work at the nursery" - Rebecca Bennett (Sible Hedingham)
"It's very helpful being able to see my son on iwatch as i can see improvements in his behaviour since starting at the nursery." - Natasha de Silva (London)
"Great facility ,it gives me an added confidence that my daughter is OK when she is at the play school." - Jenny Flynn (Northampton)
"Really impressed with the service. It's a lovely way of keeping up with my child's activities and progress!!" - Laura-Marie Nield (Lancashire)
"Decent quality images and as secure as it needs to be." - Giles Heap (Brentwood)
"Fantastically reassuring - I'm really glad we chose a nursery with iWatch - such a great idea. :)" - Michelle Stansfield (Leeds)
"I think it's a wonderful service it eases a worried parents mind and let's you see how your child's day has been. Very impressed." - Rhiannon Wilkinson (South Wales)
"It's all very new to me but I think this is a brilliant idea. It is lovely to be able to see how my daughter behaves and interacts with other children when I'm not around." - Joanne Holdsworth (South Wales)
"To ALL the fantastic ladies that look after my daughter in the Rainbow Room - thank you so much for doing such a wonderful job. I think you are all great and thoroughly enjoy being able to watch her every day all the way from Durban" - Louise Pawley (South Africa)
"Thank you for this opportunity to watch my daughter on live webcams , watching her every move. It is great to see her anytime I want and seeing the way she is treated at the nursery school. Thank You" - Anon (Bristol)
"I love just spending 10 minutes in my dinner hour watching my little man playing with his new friends and seeing what a wonderful job the staff at his nursery are doing!" - Kayley Smith (Warrington)
"It is so lovely to be at work and have a little peak at what they are are up to, knowing they are ok and enjoying themselves, every nursery should have one." - Nicola Oliver (Billericay)
"Excellent service, definitely lives up to its motto of 'peace of mind'- don't know what i would do without it! great work, keep it up." - Sheena Vithlani (London)

"I think iWatch is brilliant. When my second boy was struggling to settle after I'd dropped him off at Nursery, it was a real comfort to log on during the day and see that he was very happy, playing away with staff and students." - Jennifer Groves (Manchester)

"Great for when i'm missing my little boy, easy to use, brilliant service." - Daniel Fisher (Preston)
"I think its wonderfull as it reassures me that my daughter is OK and I am secure in the knowledge of a transparent service from my nursery provider. I would recommend this service to others and feel that OFSTED should also encourage this concept." - Anon (Sheffield)
"Excellent pictures and a great comfort" - Christine Waldron (Holyhead)
"Really great service, a great way to provide peace of mind to an anxious parent like myself! Very clear pictures and even enables you to watch past footage!" - Anisha Patel (Goodmayes)
"I think having used this service since May it is absolutely fabulous just to be able to have a quick look at what your child is doing when you have 5 minutes at work helps you get through the rest of the day!" - Zoe Houghton (Birmingham)
"I think it's a very helpful tool. I certainly feel a lot more relaxed knowing my that wherever I am, knowledge of my child's welfare is only a click away." - Billy Giwa (Chadwell Heath)
"It's really reassuring to know that your child is happy at nursery especially it they've had a grumpy morning!" - Lynette Proud (Northampton)
"Absolutely Fantastic!! Cannot say enough good things about it. Really re-assuring & great to be able to have a little peek any time of day & see what she's up to! Perfect. Feel very lucky to have such a great nursery" - Kelly Sands (Northampton)
"This service is extremely useful as it is very reassuring to be able to see what your chlid is up to when they are at nursery" - Sarah Lee (Northampton)
"I am quite impressed with how your system operates and i think it is a brilliant idea which could be used by other nurseries around the country." - Kofi Pepera (Hackney)
"Great service, very reassuring when you first go back to work." - Shona Hares (Leeds)
"I think this is great. I have friends at work jealous of this offering." - Darren Batsford (Essex)
"I think it's absolutely brilliant, it's so nice to have a look when I'm missing my little girl so much xx" - Emma Thein (Spilsby)
"Its great!! worry free! I was dreading leaving my daughter for the first time by herself in the nursey, but when I found out I can watch her from home that relieved all the tension. I fully appreciate this service" - Shamima Begum (Romford)
"Excellent. It's so nice to actually be able to see what my daughter is up to rather that sitting at work and wondering all day." - Vicki Mackrill (Manchester)
"Valuable, exciting, entertaining ...." - Joy Adindu (Essex)
"I think its brilliant to know I can check how things are going when my daughter is having an off day." - Louise Butterworth (Lancashire)
"Excellent service! It's my daughter's first day in creche so being able to see her is a boon." - Richard Thomas (Neath)
"I think that it is great service as my daughter has only been there a week and is still nervous about being left, and i am also still quite nervous leaving her, but being able to log on and check that she is ok puts my mind at ease." - Julie Lawrence (Birmingham)
"I think this is a great modern system which puts parents minds at ease and helps parents to see what the child is doing throughout the day, it is also easy to use. " - Louise Johnson (Idle)
"Very helpful for a first time parent leaving their child at nursery for the first time. reassuring" - Surjit Verdi (Ilford)
"It is a very comforting service. I really enjoy logging on in my break and watching my baby. It's especially reassuring to see him playing happily after I've had to leave him upset." - Emily Sumerling (Birmingham)
"A really good service to have a quick check on your child." - Hector Kerry (Birmingham)
"Very reassuring to know I can see my son at any time and comforting to see what he's doing." - Anon (Leeds)
"I think it is great you can watch your babies and see what they get up to! thanks for making it possible! :-)" - Michelle Simms (Birmingham)
"Very happy with the system, to know you can always check on your little ones!" - Anon (Newcastle)
"Love logging on and watching my son enjoying himself in the nursery, it gives great reasurance especially when I have dropped him off and he has been quite upset." - Karen Snape (Swinton)
"Excellent, really enjoy using the service. Very easy and secure to use." - David Grove (Birmingham)
"Brilliant, love being able to see my child and see what hes getting up to. " - Rachel Rees (Bridgend)
"I think its great that you can watch them anytime" - Samantha Culverston (Cheshire)
"Gives you peace of mind that your child settles down and stops crying when you leave them" - Dylan Edwards (North Wales)
"It's fantastic. My child has only just started nursery and cries when I leave, so its great that I can see he is ok after Ive gone." - Angela Coates (Lancashire)
"I love your service, being able to take a peep at how my son is doing I find very reassuring." - Amanda Doyle (Port Talbot)
"I think its great to see your little one playing and having fun" - Anon (Dewsbury)
"Brilliant service, my daughter has just started nursery and this website does exactly what it says, gives me peace of mind!" - Carly Allen (Ongar)
"It is excellent! It is very reassuring to see your child doing ok at the nursery - and it also enables the nursery to be as transparent as possible about their operations" - Rajiv Ahlawat (Essex)
"I think iWatch is a wonderful service, I love to see what my daughter has been doing all day in nursery and it also gives me peace of mind that I can see her whenever I want" - Kelly Philips (South Wales)
"I really like the service you provide .It has been reliable and gives me peace of mind and pleasure to be able to see my daughter enjoying her time at nursery for a few minutes of the day. Thank you." - Tracy Dunk (Manchester)
"An absolutely great service which gives me peace of mind" - Savannah Anthony (Leytonstone)
"I think the service is brilliant very re assuring." - Anon (South Wales)
"I think the site is brilliant and I feel lot more at ease whilst at work because I know my son is receiving good care." - Asher Drayton (London)
"I really like this service. This way I can watch my son whenever I want and be relaxed that he is all ok and properly looked after." - Archita Misra (Essex)
"I am happy with what I see and think its a good idea and think all nurseries should do the same, you all do a good job." - Tracey Price (Lincolnshire)
"The site is very helpful in making sure that my child feels comfortable with being at nursery. Knowing we are watching him makes him feel happy and secure." - Claire Parkinson (Lancashire)
"Very good service, nice to have peace of mind that my child is being well looked after." - Justine Williams (N. Wales)
"It is a brilliant idea. I can watch what my son gets up to at nursery." - Gavin Thomas (Preston)
"Great, it has helped put my mind at rest while I am at work." - Gwen Bird (Cheshire)
"I think the service is a great idea thanks." - Ian Clutterbuck (West Glam)
"I find this a very reassuring tool to check that my little boy is OK at nursery." - Anon (Basingstoke)
"I think it is a great idea! This feature was one of the deciding factors for my child to attend this particular nursery. It offers huge peace of mind." - Anon (Birmingham)
"Great service. No complaints!" - Michael White (West Yorks)
"Good service overall. The image quality is good enough for me to spot my son when he is playing at the furthest point from the camera." - Louise Williamson (Caernarfon)
"Generally a very useful facility. I often travel away from home for work commitments and the site allows me to make sure my children are happy, having fun and being well looked after. I enjoy catching them 'live' or it's great if I feel I have missed something to be able to look back through the recorded footage." - Kirsty McIntosh (Chorley)
"It's a good service, I like to log on and watch whilst I'm having a cuppa at work. Thanks again, Rob." - Robert Welsby (Warrington)
"I am very happy with your services. I can see my children whenever I wish." - Romila Sadasivan (Essex)
"Good service. Thank you." - Anon (Bedford)
"This system really enhances the care, guidance and support provided for my child by the nursery." - Christopher Cole (Buckinghamshire)
"I appreciate the opportunity of being able to see what my child has been up to during the day time. It's an excellent monitoring tool giving me peace of mind as well as making me feel more connected with my son when we are apart." - Laura Jones (Bridgend)
"Brilliant, it allows me to see that my son is happy after I have left him at nursery." - Anon (Peterborough)
"I think the service is really useful and as a parent provides extra peace of mind." - Anon (Cambridge)
"A very useful service for reassurance." - Nia Roberts (Gwynedd)
"It's a brilliant way to watch your child whilst you are at work. Great, especially for first time parents!!!" - Ray John (Romford)
"I like the fact that I can check on my son at nursery so I can see the kinds of activities he enjoys doing so I can try and include this in his home life." - Samantha Thompson (Skegness)
"Love it." - Marsha Kwarteng (London)
"A very good service." - David Lennon (Cheshire)
"Fantastic, gives me peace of mind throughout the day." - Anon (London)
"Great, just nice to be able to check on our little one." - Jenny Browning (Chelmsford)
"It's a great idea - provides reassurance and confidence in the providers and it's just great fun seeing my little one having a good time." - Leigh Westage (Leeds)
"My daughter recently started nursery and being able to log on and just check-in and see how she was settling in was a great reassurance to a worried parent! Now she has settled in, it's great to be able to see her playing and interacting with others." - Helen McNicholas (Warrington)
"Great - works well and gives me peace of mind when I need it." - Anon (West Yorkshire)
"Fantastic idea! The reason behind me choosing my nursery." - Nicola Mullen (Manchester)
"I find it very comforting to know that I can keep an eye on my child throughout her time at creche, as well as watch her enjoying the different activities throughout the day." - Catherine Sullivan (Neath)
"I think the system is a fantastic idea. It's great for me to be able to go online and see my child playing and enjoying himself. It gives me peace of mind." - Natalie Priestley (Lancashire)
"I think it's a brilliant website, it gives me peace of mind and helps me feel included in my daughter's day when I cannot be with her." - Laura Bray (Glamorgan)
"Really good thanks. Very reassuring to be able to see her at home." - Marade Baker (Gtr Manchester)
"I am really happy to be able to see how my child has settled after I have dropped him off at nursery, once I know he is OK, I can carry on with my work without worrying." - Anon (London)
"Excellent service, easy to use and reliable." - Stuary Hughes (North Warwickshire)
"We find it very useful to be able to look in now and again on what our children are doing during the day." - Anon (Oxford)
"It's fantastic. I find I don't use it as much as I used to, but it's a real peace of mind knowing I can at any time." - Vicky Reding (Manchester)
"Excellent. Real peace of mind." - David Fearnley (Leeds)
"Very good service to see your children whilst you are at home or at work." - Anon (West Drayton)
"I think this is a great service. It is nice to be able to see for yourself that your upset child has settled at nursery once you've left. I believe it also allows for a greater degree of accountability from the nursery staff." - Anon (Liverpool)
"Excellent service. Satisfaction and peace of mind all the time." - Anon (Southampton)
"Fab Service. It's one of the main reasons I chose this nursery for my son." - Johanna Sykes (Port Talbot)
"I think it's great because I get to see my child every day." - Nerys Griffiths (North Wales)
"It's fantastic and gives me peace of mind for the safety of my child." - Naomi Lea (Manchester)
"I love the service, great when you're missing the little one a bit and you can just have a quick look. Every nursery should have them." - Danielle Hynes (Manchester)
"This is a real value added service for the parents. I love to see my daughter when she is at the nursery, and service up-time is fantastic. Keep up the good service. Thanks." - M Challa (Essex)
"Great! A real bonus to any nursery." - Anon (Northampton)
"Great idea. Peace of mind for many first time parents who are nervous of sending their child to nursery." - Sharon Jones (Preston)
"A very good system to reassure me that my children are happy." - Anon (Bristol)
"I think it is wonderful that I can see my little grandson at play." - Sheila Whittle (Blackburn)
"I love to be able to see how both my children get on at nursery and I think that the service is brilliant." - Tracy Miles (Kent)
"It's a fantastic tool that gives me total peace of mind." - Samantha McManus (Kent)
"Excellent Service." - Anon (Cardiff)
"Great Service." - Angela Jones (Birmingham)
"Really good. Can watch at work during my breaks." - Natalie Gorman (Birmingham)
"I have found this service really useful and a peace of mind." - Sayma Chowdhury (Romford)
"I Love it. Brilliant idea." - Simone Gausden (Herne Bay)



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