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Enhance your Open Door policy
iWatch allows your establishment to improve it’s open door policy.  Ofsted actively encourage nurseries to allow parents to drop in and see their child on a regular basis.  For most parents, this idea just isn't practical.  Installing iWatch however can quickly turn this concept into a viable reality.

Improve Customer Relations
With web cams in your nursery, parents will be able to see not only their child at play but also your staff at work.  Most parents greatly underestimate the amount of work that nursery staff do in caring for so many young ones.  Parent - staff relations can only improve as a result of greater appreciation of the hard work that they do.

Protect your Staff and Children
With an iWatch system installed, your staff and customers can benefit from recorded images that will quickly clarify any uncertainties that may arise from an unfortunate incident.  In addition, the presence of a CCTV system in your nursery, will act as a forceful deterrent against any potential criminal activity.

Increase your Competitive Advantage
Installing an iWatch system will certainly give your nursery the competitive edge.  Expect to see a rise in customer interest and subsequent increase in applications for places!


Experience Peace of Mind
Peace of mind is arguably the single most important expression of satisfaction that a nursery can hope to instil in the parent of a child.  With an iWatch system in place, peace of mind will be established in no time at all.

Get Involved in Child Development
With your child in the care of others for long periods of time and nursery staff as busy as they are, it can often be difficult to establish exactly what your child did during their day.  Young children can be especially challenging when trying to extract snippets of information, in an attempt to build up an accurate picture of the days events. 

With an iWatch system installed, you can 'pop in' whenever you want, to see what your child is up to, and with video recorded for approximately one month, you can just as effortlessly look back on the days events later in the day or week, when you get a spare moment.  With a better understanding of what your child is up to, you will find it easier to become involved in their development.

Stay Connected
If a parent happens to be out of the country, they can still feel a sense of connection with their child while they are watching what they are doing in real time from the other side of the world!






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